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     Ruschita marble is well-known for its specific colours, from white and grey to pink, with many intermediary nuances. What makes this marble quite unique are the internal structure of the stone, qualitative properties and ornamental characteristics being chosen for spectacular buildings appreciated all over the world.

     This marble was used for restoring the Dom from Milan and building the Banks Palace in Vienna, the Parliament Building in Budapest, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the BBC Center in Mannheim, but also for private works, such as: Casino Hotel Marriott, the villa of the Sultan of Brunei or the Monte Carlo villa of the Formula I pilot, Michael Schumacher.


     The eagle in the Oval Office of the White House was carved in white marble extracted from Ruschita, making this marble the most important source for ornamental stone.


      The use of Ruschita marble is essential for getting the look, feel and design you want for your projects. Ruschita it’s so versatile that it can suit every style: classic yelowish-white, warm champagne or bolder pink-ish tones.Also, the choice of shapes, sizes and texture is so vast that it seems almost never-ending.

      Different shades of Ruschita marble, with a high level of finishes and details are used all over the world in custom-designed spaces to create interiors of maximum comfort, functionality and aesthetic enjoyment.


       Ruschita marble can create balanced design compositions and at the same time offer a modern, warm ambience. It can enhance the beauty of any living area by reflecting the sunlight in interior spaces, giving them character and reinforcing the modern feel of a design scheme.


      The natural beauty of Ruschita marble makes it a popular choice for decorating modern living spaces. Ruschita combined with glass, copper or wood creates stunning, modern spaces that can meet up to the most exquisite taste.


      In its palest forms of pink, Ruschita creates infinite design options, while a more veined version of pink will surely make a statement itself.


      Ruschita marble can be easily cut at size, with slabs being used both for inside and outside application: from flooring, walling, stairs, solid masonry units, capitals, fireplaces, kitchen tops architectural elements etc.


     Pink marble can add just the right touch of feminine glam to any space.


     Ruschita marble, in its warm, pink tones gives a classic touch to your decor while still keeping a fancy, modern feeling. This timeless natural stone is being used just about everywhere, no longer limited to traditional or classic settings.

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