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     Stone edges are a design element that you get to choose prior to fabrication. The edge that you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your stone. It can also have an impact on the cost of your product. Nothing is impossible with stone. 

     We are transforming your ideas into reality. There are various types of edges that we can fabricate for you, from simple edges to more complex ones. Simple edges are commonly used for stairs, window sills, kitchen countertops or bars, while complex edges are used for special floor finishes and fireplaces.

    More can be created, but these are the most popular profiles for marble and granite countertop edges. Of course, the same edges can be created on other materials such as travertine, limestone, onyx and quartz. 

    Custom countertop edges can be designed and fabricated to your uniquely modern style. Our sales team can work with you to create a look that complements your space while also making a statement.

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