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          Natural stone is a classic material for elegant and timeless bathrooms. Because the bathroom is a strictly functional room, it is very important how it is finished and arranged. The floor has a very important role, beside giving the bathroom a special look, it must be steam and slip resistant.


          The types of stone that are suitable for bathroom floors are travertine, granite, marble and onyx. Lately, more and more designers and architects recognize that aesthetic success in a bathroom is ensured by using natural stone, both for floors, as well as wall cladding.


          After the installation of the natural stone flooring, it is recommended to apply waterproofing treatments in order to protect its beauty. The elegance and beauty of the natural stone will complete the look of the bathroom, giving it added value.


        In order to choose the floor material in your kitchen, the practical aspects must be combined with the aesthetic aspects. Natural stone fulfills these conditions successfully. Stone floors are easy to match, both chromatically and textured, with the rest of the elements in a kitchen.  

        The types of natural stone that are suitable for building a kitchen floor are marble, granite, travertine and limestone. The thickness of the material chosen for kitchen flooring can be from 1cm to 2cm. Lately, more and more architects combined the kitchen area with the dining area, creating a connection between the two spaces.  

        This makes natural stone the perfect solution for such an approach, the advantages of such a floor being durability and ease of maintenance.  

       The stone floor is very easy to clean, both with water and with special cleaning and stone care products. It is recommended that after the installation, the natural stone flooring should be treated with a specific waterproofing agent to protect it from accidental stains.

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