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    Natural stone walls are a solution for interior or exterior renovation, being always in trend. Architects and designers warmly recommend replacing alternative finishes with natural stone finishes. For exterior use, natural stone frames can be used for both windows and doors.


    Natural stone integrates perfectly with wood or iron elements, like balusters, balconies and terraces.

In the case of the interior walls, natural stone can be used in various styles and decorations, giving the space a modern, classic or rustic look, depending on the preferences. Various shapes, colors and finishes are available for such arrangements.


     A high-impact decorative material is onyx for its translucent property, which gives an amazing response. The use of natural stone for exterior buildings is a solution that combines durability with exceptional aesthetics. The stone can be used to cover large areas or to highlight an area of maximum visual interest. It is recommended for its strength, solidity and architectural appearance. The passage of time gives the natural stone a special look without any extra intervention. Maintaining a facade of natural stone requires minimal effort at long intervals.

    The types of natural stone recommended for outdoor vertical plating are: travertine, limestone, granite and slate. The first feature to be taken into consideration for vertical plating is that the stone must be resistant to freezing conditions. The stone used for exterior plating should have the structure, chemical composition and colour as homogeneous as possible and should not contain foreign elements that easily break down and come from compact massifs.


    In coastal areas it is necessary to take into account the abrasive effect of sand and wind. Salt contamination is less damaging to waterproofed stones, as the number of pores in which salt may crystallize is limited. Suitable for any style: traditional, classic or modern, natural stone plaques  are available in different colours and finishes.

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