Marble Slabs

Marble Slabs Customizations in London UK

Marble is a luxurious stone that has been used for decades to add a premium aesthetic throughout the rooms in a home. It also provides durability not found in manufactured products that might mimic its look.


Looks of Marble Stone


The lines of color that show up in marble stone are known as veins. They result from the interactions of various minerals with the original limestone before mining the marble. Here are a couple of ways you can showcase the veining in your marble.


  • Vein-cut — We cut the marble stone against the vein so that they show up as long lines.

  • Cross-cut— Cross-cut stones are with at a 90-degree angle with the vein. The veins give the appearance of swirls instead of lines. The resulting look is a mix of dark and light colors throughout the slab.


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