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bianco antico polished granite downstand steps and copings

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steps and copings




Polished, Downstand


90 x 50 x 3 (cm)

cut-to-size (cm)

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      Granite is an eruptive rock, mainly consisting of quartz, mica and feldspars, formed through the very slow cooling of magma, which led to the formation of crystals of identical or similar size in the three component minerals, conferring granite special mechanical properties.


      Feldspars and quartz are highly resistant, which gives granite its anti-abrasive properties.



Technical characteristics:


Bulk density:                         2.5 - 2.8 t/m3


Water absorption capacity:   0.1 - 2.0 %


Compressive strength:         80 - 200 N/mm2


MOHS hardness:                  5 - 6


Freeze-thaw resistance:       YES



      Thanks to its technical characteristics, granite may be successfully used for indoor work, but it is mainly recommended for outdoor use. It is suitable for public areas, institutions, shopping areas, high-traffic areas or monuments. As it is a very hard rock, it is recommended for the paving of streets and yards, sidewalks and alleys.


       Granite is a material that in recent years has equalled and tends to exceed marble in terms of preference for use due to its multiple colour varieties and special physical and mechanical characteristics in terms of wear and tear caused by traffic or the weather.


      Thanks to the new mining technologies, the quantities of granite sold in the past 20 years all over the world have significantly increased.

      Granite is currently mined in countries such as Brazil, Italy, Spain, Romania, Norway, Belgium, China, USA, Canada or India. The largest granite quarry in Romania is located in Iacobdeal, Tulcea County. The current deposits are mainly used for paving.


      Some of the most popular types of granite are: Berry Black, Nero Africa, Nero Zimbabwe, Giallo Ornamentale, Bianco Romano, Kashmir Gold, Maple Red, Raj Red, Red Dragon, Sesame Black, Verde Bahia, River Gold, Seawave Green and Baltic Brown.

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