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golden sienna cross-cut travertine chamfered steps and copings

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Steps and Copings




Cross-Cut, Polished, Chamfered


90 x 50 x 3 (cm)

cut-to-size (cm)

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       Travertine is a porous limestone rock, consisting of calcite with a low content of magnesium and aragonite, its colour ranging from yellow to brown.

       The rock is deposited by bicarbonate thermal springs, which flow from limestones or cross rocks rich in carbonates, carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate ions.



Technical characteristics:


Bulk density:                          2.4 - 2.6 t/m3


Water absorption capacity:   1.0 - 2.4 %


Compressive strength:          33.5 N/mm2


MOHS hardness:                   4 - 5


Freeze-thaw resistance:        YES



        Thanks to its physical and mechanical characteristics, travertine may be used both for indoor works – flooring and wall tiling (including in humid areas), fireplaces, countertops, and for outdoor works – alleys, terraces, facades, frames, stairs, columns or windowsills, but is recommended to a lesser extent for heavy-traffic floors.


         All over the world, travertine has established itself as a material that highlights the architects’ and designers’ ideas through its ability to maintain its solid and beautiful appearance in almost any area.


         In antiquity, Romans used travertine to build temples, aqueducts, monuments, Roman baths and amphitheaters – such as the Colosseum, the largest building in the world at that time – mostly built with travertine. Another famous building for which travertine was used is Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris.


        The main countries of origin for travertine are Italy, Turkey, Romania, Iran, Mexico, Peru, USA. In Romania, the most famous travertine quarries are located in Geoagiu and Carpinis.


        The most popular types of travertine are: Clasic Travertin, Crem Travertin, Noce Travertin, Travertin Romano Bianco and Travertin Romano Silver.

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