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     Sonic Stone’s team is entirely qualified and experienced in space planning, architectural detailing and interior design, always ready to guide you from design concept to project completion. We do more than supplying natural stone, we design and create unique spaces that are beautiful, elegant,

purposeful and last for generations.


      At Sonic Stone we are exceeding expectations. Our commitment to excellence and desire to exceed our client’s expectations earned us a high amount of respect within the design and construction industry. This philosophy provides our clients with the peace of mind to make confident decisions while our team remains committed to the proper and timely execution of each project. You have the opportunity to explore all the possibilities and enjoy the journey of your project as our team will make the entire process as smooth as possible.


    Our design department alongside with our in-house architects, provide to customers a design plan that is functional, personalised, stylish and meets their requirements. We cover all the stone related suggestions and ideas so that every project is thoughtfully planned and carefully assisted, treating the entire process with the high level of service you expect and deserve. The elegance, flexibility and refinement behind each project is reflected by combining design knowledge with petrographic and technical knowledge.

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