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    To meet customer requests, we have acquired equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology that allows waterjets to be injected into natural stone inlays.

    Waterjet technology offers high complexity solutions, being among the most innovative methods of material processing.   The process is essentially the same as water erosion in nature, but very much accelerated and concentrated. Waterjet cutting ensures that the material is cut with an accuracy of less than

0.1 mm/ml. Cutting control is done using a computer program that allows the definition of various shapes, resulting in true artworks.

    Depending on the settings of the ejecting nozzle size and the synchronised movement system, the waterjet machinery can produce different results. The details may be so subtle so it transforms smooth, earthy stone to appear as it has a linen textured finish. On a larger scale, the natural stone may be cut

into many different shapes and details to create sculptures and large-scale art installations. We own machinery, equipment and state-of-the-art technology that ensures unique and exquisite processing of natural stone.

   Waterjet technology is the ideal method for the cutting of floor and wall covering elements or the production of inlays and company logos. We can cut any material to any size, shape or form. This technology is mainly used for the cutting of slabs into tiles of various custom and standard dimensions (60 x60; 60 x30; 30x30), but also for producing mosaics of combined materials. It opens up a whole new field for creative designs and solutions. We are transforming your ideas into reality, as custom designs are our specialty.

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