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      Bookmatching is a method of pairing two or more stone slabs, so that two joined slabs mirror each other, providing the impression of an opened book. This creates a mirror image effect, such as the wings of a butterfly reflecting from one slab to the next. Bookmatching looks equally stunning in both contemporary and traditional settings.

      For any translucent materials such as onyx, marble, granite or quartzite, lights can be installed behind the slabs not only for an impressive visual outcome but also for creating a source of light in your designated space.

     Bookmatched stone gives an impressive result and it is usually best fitted on large areas where the full effect can be noticed, mostly on applications such as large kitchen islands, shower walls and feature walls. If you have a large area to cover, bookmatching is a handy way to ensure that the pattern runs fluidly from one piece to the next.

      Bookmatched slabs can look like abstract art, and sometimes patterns, shapes or faces can be seen in the effect that is created.

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