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    Natural stone cladding has an important impact on the aesthetics and value of any building. We can assist in all stages of your project and recommend the right natural stone materials for the public, commercial and residential sectors.

     It is often chosen to increase the structural resistance of buildings by protecting it against rain, snow and wind by balancing the impact through the entire framework structure. Natural stone materials are cladded onto building’s facades, creating an external surface and forming a protective layer of adjoined various sized tiles or panels.


     Natural stone cladding enhances the energy efficiency and protects the structure from various elements that usually damage building structures such as water, extreme temperatures, wind and nevertheless, the sun heat and ultraviolet rays.

      The main advantages of natural stone cladding are durability and aesthetics.

Here are some more benefits of natural stone cladding:

   • wide range of materials, colours and sizes;

   • various finishing types;

   • numerous indoor and outdoor applications;

   • extra insulation;

   • weather and fire resistance;

   • low maintenance;

   • increase of property value.

Our most recommended materials for commercial cladding are granite, quartzite, quartz, limestone, sandstone, marble and travertine, all these materials being available in numerous finishing types and sizes.

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