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     We offer a wide range of floor tiles to complement your designated space and are more than happy to assist you with the installation of the stone, this way, finding the perfect solution for any style of building – from contemporary houses to modern properties, small apartments to large commercial and public areas.


     Natural stone has been chosen for interior and exterior flooring for a very long time, being the main material for most ancient structures. Tiles are still very popular today due to their extreme durability and long lifespan, retaining their aesthetics with the passage of time. Natural stone has been used in many

projects worldwide and offers a distinctive impression, as each tile is naturally unique.

      The benefits of natural stone flooring are durability, uniqueness, heat conductivity, hygiene and low maintenance.

Natural stone materials for commercial flooring:


   Commercial marble flooring is a great choice for large areas, as it has been already used successfully for many centuries, retaining aesthetics over time. Marble is mostly used for interior flooring; however, some marble materials can also be suitable for exterior use in a non-slip finish (honed or a bush-hammered).



   These natural stone materials are impervious to liquids and are easy to maintain, being typically chosen for high-traffic commercial areas, both indoors, “in a polished finish” and outdoors, in non-slip finishes, such as flamed, antiqued or brushed.



   These materials can be used for many low to mid traffic applications, both indoor and outdoor spaces, as they are not as porous as sand stone is. They can be supplied in any finishing type suitable to any project applications.

 • Sandstone

    It has the highest absorption levels and should not b  installed in wet environments, being one of the most porous natural stone materials.


   We can supply large quantities from a wide range of natural stone tiles for public, commercial and residential properties. Our vast selection allows homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers a great variety to choose from in order to achieve any project requirements.

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