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      We know how important the outdoor space is and how it can add value to any type of property. Pavers are products that last a lifetime and Sonic Stone offers a variety of textures and colours to improve the functionality desired for your project. We posses the experience and the tools to design and customize your outdoor space to your personalised need.

      Sonic Stone creates various patterns by combining different shapes and different coloured stone in order to create the eye-catching element to your landscaping plan.

      Stone has been used widely and reinterpreted in buildings and landscapes, being recognised for its beauty, strength and durability. Stone pavers are an excellent choice for terraces, walkways, driveways, outdoor entertainment areas because of its low-porous nature that stays cool in direct sunlight, hence its importance and usage in urban street paving.


     Stone can add dimension to decor, from rustic to modern, from traditional to contemporary design. Decorative stone provides a natural, organic and eco-friendly presence. We provide a wide range of colours and textures to match almost any setting and decor. Rocks are more appropriate in a rustic or country setting, while stone is suitable for most decor styles. Together we can find the perfect way to integrate stone in any desired space.

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