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        Ruschita marble is well-known for its specific colours, from white and grey to pink, with many intermediary nuances. What makes this marble quite unique are the internal structure of the stone, qualitative properties and ornamental characteristics being chosen for spectacular buildings appreciated all over the world.

        The use of Ruschita marble is essential for getting the look, feel and design you want for your projects. Ruschita is so versatile that it can suit every style: classic yellowish-white, warm champagne or bolder pinkish tones. Also, the choice of shapes, sizes and texture is so vast that it seems almost never-ending. We can supply products in any form, shape or finishing type, even the most exquisite and detailed pieces of art.

        Ruschita marble can create balanced design compositions and at the same time offers a modern, warm ambience. It can enhance the beauty of any living area by reflecting the sunlight in interior spaces, giving them character and reinforcing the modern feel of a design scheme.

        Its excellent physical and mechanical properties regarding friction resistance and polish maintenance make it the ideal marble for elegant floor designs, being as strong and dense as granite is. The uniquely coloured and veined Ruschita marble has good translucency, similar to onyx.



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      Over the years, Ruschita marble has been successfully used in many developments and famous projects around the world, like Roppongi Asahi TV (Japan), Kowloon Station (Hong Kong), Ardmore Park (Singapore) and in some exquisite works such as Sultan of Brunei’s Bathroom, Gianni Versace’s House of Miami, BBC Headquarter from Mannheim–Germany or Michael Schumacher’s villa in Monte Carlo.

      The eagle in the Oval Office of the White House was carved in white marble extracted from Ruschita, making this marble the most important source for ornamental stone.



       The translucent nature of Ruschita marble enables Sonic Stone to design unique pieces that can change the atmosphere of your setting with a mere click of a switch, its great translucency allowing for the colours and patterns to produce a remarkable visual effect once backlit from behind.



        Besides the vast array of aesthetically pleasing patterns and textures, Ruschita marble also holds its own in terms of durability, being as strong and dense as granite while also embodying excellent physical and mechanical properties regarding friction and polish maintenance that make it ideal for timeless designs.



      Sonic Stone works with trusted international quarrying partners to provide materials that enrich, embolden and enhance your projects.

     Ruschita marble is one of our most sought out products representing natural stone of the highest degree of natural polish with versatile applications and a solid reputation for endurance and aesthetics.

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• APPARENT DENSITY:        2704 kg/m3 - EN 1936 (1999);
• POROSITY:                          0.3 V% - EN 1936 (1999);
• FLEXURAL STRENGHT:     16.4 MPa - EN 12372 (1999);
• RUPTURE ENERGY:            5 J - EN 14158 (2004);

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