Terraces made of natural stone are the ideal combination of elegance and durability, giving strength and character to the environment. Laying out a natural stone patio requires great attention for details; a terrace must respect the style and ambience of the building to which it belongs.

   Natural stone is ideal for covering the surface of the patio as it undergoes intense traffic, it responds to thermal stress and behaves well in freezing climate. The types of stone recommended for terraces are granite, travertine, limestone and slate. Terracotta tiles must be anti-slip, which means that the surface of the stone is processed by grinding or buckling.

   The thickness of the stone will generally be determined by the stability of the substrate and the mounting method. In the case of residential terraces with low traffic, it is recommended to use stone over 2 cm thick, while for public terraces with high traffic it is recommended to use stone with thickness over 5 cm.