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    Using a natural stone countertop changes the image of a kitchen or a bathroom entirely, providing a modern and genuine appearance. One should consider the spot exposure due to the products with a high level of acid and mechanical aggressions such as scratches. In order to get a striking appearance, one can use distance pieces on the edge of the countertop, for a bulky effect. 


    Granite is the ideal choice for countertops together with its entire range of color and structure. This stone is very resistant to mechanical aggression that can occur fortuitously in the kitchen and to high temperature, over 600 degrees Celsius. 

    Polishing is the most recommended treatment of the kitchen countertop surface, which makes it spots-free and easy to maintain. When choosing the kitchen countertop, one should take into consideration the natural stone weight in proportion to the endurance of the material that is placed upon.

    More and more designers and architects have admitted lately that the usage of natural stone ensures the visual appeal aspect of the bathroom, both for flooring and for framing the bath and coating the walls.The elegance and beauty of natural stone will complete the bathroom condition, providing it with a sense of value.

    It is advisable to waterproof the kitchen countertop after it has been assembled and interfaced with the furniture, and repeat this process every two years or as many times as it is required to ensure endurance.

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